I always enjoy coming to the centre. It's lovely to get to meet different people and learn different skills.

Craft Group - Enjoying meeting new people and learning new crafts. Everybody is friendly and welcoming.

Stay & Play - What me and my son like the most about good shepherd centre is how friendly and welcoming the centre is. Always helpful with the children. The food is always out for children and adults. They have a big open space that allows parents to watch children be independent and become social with others.

Gardening Club - I enjoy the spirit of community and friendship experienced by everyone who visits the centre and how we all are delegated tasks that we perform. I will continue to push hard to encourage new people to join.

March 2023 - Stay & Play - Everyone engages, friendly atmosphere, plenty of resources for the children to stay occupied.

March 2023 - Lunch Club - These events are very well run and all the staff are very friendly and organised. The food is very well presented with groups of school children going round all the tables delivering the plates. EXCELLENT

' I suffered the loss of one of my baby's that I delivered in the UK. I was traumatised, felt isolated and felt that I had to grieve the loss of my child alone. The group gave me purpose, friendship and a reason to carry on. I am grateful for the kindness and I am now am an active member of the group and enjoy giving back to the group through volunteering at The Good Shepherd Centre''. .

Google review: A place where they can always help and support. If you need to learn English, come here, there are very good courses here.

''Since attending the group I have felt included and have not been ashamed of my Roma identity. The group has made me feel welcome, comfortable and proud of my Roma heritage. I have not experienced this in my home country.'' 

''I am one of the oldest members of the group. I lost my son 2 years ago and you can imagine the devastation  I felt. The group has shown me a reason to carry on, the mixture of ages and a cultural backgrounds makes the sessions fun, happy, caring and gives me a reason to get  up each morning  and to look forward to meet with other members of our community. People call me 'Dobre Ranko' and welcome me each morning with the smile at the door. It is lovely and really nice''.


The feeling of community spirit and caring is felt throughout the group. everyone comes together to support through offers of practical, financial and emotional help. We do not feel isolated as there is always someone to come to for advice and guidance and we work well together like one big family. The group accepts you unconditionally. (Community Members)

Google review: Wonderful organisation for all people who need help or support


 ''I have been in the UK for less than 2 years. The first year I was lonely and isolated with no friends and people that I could talk to. No one wanted to know me and I was avoiding others. Since attending Morning prayer group and coffee morning I have found a sense of purpose, I have made friends, feel part of a family and I feel that I finally have a sense of purpose. I also volunteer at the group. I have made mistakes but I will 'ring a bell for others'.


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