Fundraise for the good shepherd centre

Whatever you do, do it for the good shepherd centre.

Thinking of fundraising?

Whatever you raise, every pound will help local children and families in need. Your money will go directly towards helping The Good Shepherd Centre provide learning courses, a food bank, building a sustainable organisation to continuously expand our services for those in need.

getting started

Decide how will you fundraise! 

There are so many fun ways to raise money. Make sure you challenge yourself but, most importantly, pick something that you know you will enjoy!

top ten fundraising ideas

Stuck for some inspiration? Here are some tried and trusted ways that you could raise money for a cause that you care about. We rank the types of fundraising by the level of difficulty and effort required so that you can see exactly what is in store before you undertake the challenge.

Doing charitable work is available to all, so don’t be put off by the fact that you are unable to do some of the suggestions on this list. Some of the biggest fundraising drives have been those that take very little effort (the ice bucket challenge is a great example) but are fun and can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability.

  • Have a bake sale
  • Take the plunge and swim 

  • Give up something you love

    Get your pets involved
  • Organise a school event
  • Do a year of good deeds
  • Get on your bike and ride
  • Enter a 10K
  • Run a marathon
  • Do an extreme challenge

Let us know! 

Please let us know if you’re planning to fundraise for us. We love to hear about your exciting plans and wish you good luck along the way. The Good Shepherd Centre might even be able to help you publicise your event and offer some advice. Whatever you manage to raise, we are extremely grateful for and would like to express our thanks afterwards so please let us know!